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Most Recent Changelog Snippet

## [0.2.47] - 2021-10-14

### Added
- Objects in galaxy can grow into other objects, and even grow into larger objects
- Vueg Outpost Seed, Vueg Outpost Sproutling, Vueg Outpost, Staff of Green

### Changed
- Improved lookups for player bodies, so the game doesn't have to sort through all the objects in the game each time

### Fixed
- I was using a filter on battle linkers, and this was causing some server side errors. There are cases in the game where the filtered list becomes
outdated before the server goes through all of the battle linkers. This is solved (or at least mitigated) by simply using a standard for loop to directly
query battle linkers.
- Fairly large bug with players dying. There was some duplicated code which would create one dead body correctly, and then another dead body incorrectly.
- Bodies weren't having a coord associated with them at some events, and we're now using the player's coord info for that. This caused several bugs
where objects associated with coords would be de-linked, without checking if the coord object was the object we were working with. This should be fixed now.
- Issue with spawners finshing, and setting the current spawn linker to false, and then not seeing that it's done
- The 'Use Emergency Pod' button showed up in places where you also had the option to 'launch with current ship'. I've removed it in those cases.

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