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Most Recent Changelog Snippet

## [0.2.46] - 2021-08-20

### Added
- Object names in the assembly display are now links that lead to the object type page on Space Abyss
- A result_info message when the server refuses manufacturing something
- If a floor type does damage, it can now have a damage type, and body defense modifiers impact that. Inferno body can walk around on the inferno planet.

### Changed
- The body you have equipped AND any ship you are on now count towards things like manufacturing level. Previously it was one or the other.
- I had previously changed monster movement to not move if they hit. I have commented this out. I need to refine it a bit more. It has a poor impact on
how some of the melee or range 2 monsters behave.

### Fixed
- The required amount of materials for building something wasn't showing properly in all of the displays.
- An infinite amount of materials required bug when you were exactly 10 levels away from the object's complexity.
- Growing Abomination and Voon Mech sprites

## [0.2.45] - 2021-06-14

### Added

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