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## [0.2.44] - 2021-04-16

### Added
- AI can now convert Batteries, Power Cells, Algae Power Cells, and Diamond Batteries into energy
- If a ship is being spawned on a planet via the event system (I know this sounds odd, but stick with me), the ship object gets a planet_id which prevents people from launching off of it at any time, and allows the AI of the planet to work in that space. This is how things like Data Breaches are coded.
- AI rules now apply on portal/ship events on a planet

### Fixed
- Being able to place Thiol Extractors (hotfixed in 0.2.43)
- A player's ship sometimes being attackable after they logout
- Bug with the storyteller system choosing events with 0 difficulty
- AIs can no longer be placed in some of the areas you warp to on planets. These areas are controlled by the planetary AI
- Attacks from objects now follow the same defensive rules as with monsters. Defense of the player is 1/2ed for every additional attack after 2.
- Bug with regenerating ship types not adding in stairs/holes
- Potential bug with monsters attacking stairs/holes that are supposed to be unattackable
- Fixed bug where a dead body could drop on stairs/hole removing it.

### Changed

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