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Most Recent Changelog Snippet

## [0.2.37] - 2021-03-08

### Added
- The game now stores when you login. I'm thinking about using this to potentially greet new players when they first login.
- Premium skin for the player pod. Currently it will only show for you - I just have to think properly about how to expand the skin system so it will
show for others too, and possibly allow more flexibility.

### Fixed
- Had another typo causing moving on stairs in ships to error (hotfixed in 0.2.36)
- Error with market timestamps
- Bug with receiving damage without a damage type

### Changed
- Data Guards are now weak to hacking and drop power cells and ai fragments
- First set of server performance improvements using indexes instead of coord lookups on players, objects, and monsters
- Small update to Data Breach
- Small update to Zuran Cruiser Wreck
- Crystal Spiders no longer drop Crystals. Replaced with Silk.
- Crystal Guard drops Diamonds instead of Crystal

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