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Recent Big Events

Cadian has taken over planet New Haven

Cadian has renamed planet Kd8xUqXeGn to New Haven

Cadian has taken over planet Kd8xUqXeGn

Cadian has taken over planet Kd8xUqXeGn

Most Recent Changelog Snippet

## [0.1.23] - 2020-07-27

### Added
- Things you can eat can now impact your manufacturing abilities
- Support for events generating new planet coords above level 0
- An event that spawns a building with special enemies to be defeated (event is not yet active, just waiting on the sprite animations to finish). More of this coming!
- Ability for events to spawn monsters on a coord that didn't have a floor prior to the event
- Admin ability to despawn events
- Players can now assemble the Octopus Body
- The start of content for Water planets (basic enemy types + objects on level 0 to -2)
- Monsters can now poison players. Poison stacks.

### Fixed
- Not leveling up until the server restarted

### Changed
- Switching Font Awesome (it's what we're using for icons) from a kit they host, to self hosted.

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