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Most Recent Changelog Snippet

## [0.2.51] - 2021-11-27

### Fixed
- Placing AIs on ships wouldn't associate those ships with the new player or the AI. Hotfixed in 0.2.50
- Any AI rule on a ship was being seen as attack_all_players. Fixed this, and pushed as a hotfix in 0.2.50
- Movement with portals having a few quirks - like disappearing dockable ships. Lots of changes with this one. It's now possible to not have an assigned ship if you move through a portal. Previously the game needed you to have a ship_id assigned to you.
- Placing floors on z axis 1+

### Changed
- Updated the display for what I call the 'click menu'. All the take/put in/drop interfaces. It's now more Space Abyss styled, instead of just a white box.
- The attack floor button is now only an option if the floor is one that can be built by players.
- The attack floor button now has a warning attached to it if the local AI will retaliate.

## [0.2.50] - 2021-11-19

### Added
- Players can now attack floors, which, if successful, will change the floor back to a natural floor state
- Admin ability to warp to a specific planet or ship coord. Need to make this more robust - and probably worth looking at it in the scope of portals at the same time.

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