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Most Recent Changelog Snippet

## [0.2.28] - 2021-01-19

### Added
- Take 100 button
- You can hold shift to keep the take/buy menu open
- Personal player logs when you are killed by something ( you can see these on your player's profile )
- Setup daily offsite backups (this type of stuff isn't shown in the code)

### Fixed
- Dying only moves the objects in your now dead body, not ALL of your bodies (hotfixed in 0.2.27)
- Planets not spawning some objects properly (e.g. Desert planet not having as many Dust Growths as I told it to )
- Dockable ships being able to dock at the Azure planet via the 'Dock At Azure Planet' command
- You can now no longer swap bodies if the old body is on an object/object type (this causes the object/object type to disappear)
- Several issues with AI spawning it's daemons and edifices
- Issue where giving a body to someone else would cause addictions to not properly see the body as equipped,
and potentially kill the body without dropping like an equipped body
- If you happen to have an extra coord assigned to your player on your ship, you can now walk through the fake you (kind of a bandaid type of fix)
- Manufacturing augment display

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