Artists At Space Abyss

Below is a list of artists that have assets in Space Abyss.







Below is a list of musicians that have assets in Space Abyss.

By Eric Matyas from
  • Light Years_V001 (used in Space Abyss Trailer 2)
  • Urban Jungle 2061 (used on Corporation Planets)
  • Factory on Mercury Looping (used on Inferno Planets)
  • Dark Techno City (used on Corporation Plants)
  • Cold Moon (used on Frozen Plants)

By Little Robot Sound Factory via OpenGameArt
  • Laser_09
  • SpaceShip_Engine_Small_Loop_00

By Mike Koenig via SoundBible
  • Bite

By ZapSplat ZapSplat
  • Sword draw or short scrape 3
  • Designed Fist Punch, Thump, Hit, Impact, No Vocal 2
  • Science Fiction Weapon Gun Fire Ball of Energy
  • Blasts Synth Delayed Oneshot 04

By ViRiX via OpenGameArt
  • Ice Attack 2
  • Fire Impact 1
  • Misc 02
I Love Showcasing Artists!
If you are interested in developing art for Space Abyss, please email us at

It's probably pretty safe that anything drawn by me (David West) is a good candidate to be improved upon. Take a look around, and see if the pixel art style I've been going for is in your wheelhouse.
  • I prefer to pay per art piece, rather than an hourly rate
  • I prefer to pay via Paypal, and can do so up front
A Bit About The Style Of Space Abyss
Having work done by several different artists means its currently difficult to get a feel for what direction I'm trying to move in. Hopefully the below things will help a bit:

Space Abyss endeavors to feel like a living, breathing world in pixel art. Neither too cute nor needlessly gorey. There are darker concepts in the game. Player vs player is naturally a dark concept. There is a race, the Slagcell, that are basically a very extreme version of masochism/sadism. But you also have Milk Slerms which are oozy gooey blobs of milk. Crystal spiders full of vibrant color, and machines with a far more subtle palette.

Even the players can come in many different shapes and sizes. Normal human bodies in space suits - machine bodies - rock bodies. Bodies that look like you yourself are a piece of the galaxy. Cute, huggable bodies. Sharp bodies. Fish bodies. Geometric bodies. Below are a small selection of my favorite art pieces currently in Space Abyss:
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