Monster Type: Monitor

Standard monitoring and defensive system on machine worlds. Their non sentient nature means that they are often hacked and used as guards by corporates, slavers, and others.

Art By: DavidWest

Attacking And Defending

HP: 50
EXP: 10
Auto Attack: Yes
Attack: Shock
Damage: 5
Damage Type: electric
Range: 1 - 1
HP Percent: 1 - 100
Rarity: 1
Flavor Text:

Attack: Circuit Overload
Damage: 8
Damage Type: electric
Range: 1 - 2
HP Percent: 1 - 50
Rarity: 2
Flavor Text: Sensing its loss of function, the Monitor overloads a circuit and it explodes with electrical energy

Defense: 1
Modifier to hacking defense: -2

Spawning Things

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Reportedly Found On:

Known To Drop:

Amount: 2

Amount: 2
Rarity: 1
Reason: battle

Spawns Object Type Id: 0
Spawns Monster Type Id: 0
Idle Movement Type: Default - Random X/Y Movement
Attack Movement Type: Default - Move Towards
Attack Movement Delay: 2000
Movement Tile Width: 1
Movement Tile Height: 1
Frame Count: 2
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