Monster Type: Milk Slerm

Drinkable Slerm

Art By: DavidWest

Attacking And Defending

HP: 10
EXP: 0
Auto Attack: No
Defense: 1


Spawns object type id: 308
Spawns object type amount: 2
Spawns object type depleted: nothing
Spawns object type on create: 1
Spawns object type location: has_spawned_object

Reportedly Found On:

Biogrove Planets

Known To Drop:

Does not drop anything
Spawns Object Type Id: 308
Spawns Monster Type Id: 0
Idle Movement Type: Default - Random X/Y Movement
Attack Movement Type: Default - Move Towards
Attack Movement Delay: 0
Movement Tile Width: 1
Movement Tile Height: 1
Frame Count: 2
Admin Description