Monster Type: Crystal Bee

It's not commonly understood how these survived. They are seen going around from crystal to crystal, but aren't seen actively picking up anything of substance to return home with.

Art By: UnfuneralOD

Attacking And Defending

HP: 50
EXP: 10
Auto Attack: No
Crystal Dart 10 poison Damage
Defense: 5
Weak Against Piercing Damage

Growing/Spawning Things

Reportedly Found On:

Known To Drop:

Crystal Honey
Amount: 2
Rarity: 1
Reason: battle

Spawns Object Type Id:
Spawns Monster Type Id: 0
Idle Movement Type: Default - Random X/Y Movement
Attack Movement Type: Default - Move Towards
Attack Movement Delay: 2000
Movement Tile Width: 1
Movement Tile Height: 1
Frame Count: 12
Admin Description
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