Object Type: Human Body

Standard issue human body with a suit for basic protection from the elements. The bodies are easily grown in a Cloning Vat by just about anybody, and are considered disposable. Any consciousness that is left without a body will be gifted one of these. It's currently unknown who or what is gifting these basic bodies, but the supply seems endless.

Art By: RunninBlood

Attacking And Defending

Can Be Attacked
HP: 100
Defense: 0


Can Be Assembled
Needs to be assembled in an object
Assembled In Cloning Vat . Tick Count: 10

Required For Assembly (Assembly Linkers):
2 Primordial Ooze

(Research Required For Assembly): No research Required

Assembled As Object (Will Not Stack)


Can Be Picked Up
Complexity: 1 (Used for manufacturing, surgery, food processing, etc)
Galaxy limit: 0


Can Be Equipped Equip Slot: appearance
Skill Type: 0

A body! Race ID: 13


Move Delay: 500
Land Movement Modifier: 1.00
Fluid Movement Modifier: 1.00
Air Movement Modifier: 0.25
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