Object Type: Life Herb

Have you ever wanted to re-generate an arm? Well, these will do it. Make old rotten food fresh? These will do that too. Normal herbs and grass die when cut - these don't. Throw them into the vaccum of space, and they won't die.

Try growing them outside of their natural habitat? Well, now that is a different challenge entirely.

Art By: pixelTheWise

Attacking And Defending

Can Be Attacked
HP: 10
Defense: 0

Spawning Things

Add A Spawn Linker
Spawns in the galaxy? No


No Assembly

Drops/Turns Into

Does not drop anything

Is Dropped By:


Can Be Picked Up
Can Be Walked On
Not A Trap
Cannot Be Docked At
Cannot Have Rules
Not Stairs
Not Hole
Not Wall
NOT Ship Wall
Cannot Have Inventory
Cannot Be Repaired
Doesn't need engines
Not A Skin
Not a ship weapon
Not a ship engine
Not a portal
Max Storage: 0
Max Energy Storage: 0
Linked Object Type ID: 0
Complexity: 1 (Used for manufacturing, surgery, food processing, etc)


Is Plantable Plants object_type_id: 210


Cannot Be Equipped No Race ID: Not A body

Has Been Found On Planet Types: