Object Type: Life Water

Refreshing. Can be added to almost anything organic for a positive effect.

Art By: DavidWest

Attacking And Defending

Can Be Attacked
HP: 10
Defense: 0


No Assembly

Drops/Turns Into

Young Slerm
Reason: decay
Rarity: Common

Is Dropped By:


We use the drop linkers table for what a fully decayed object turns into!! Can Decay
Default Decay Rate: 0
Floor Type: Grass Simple
Decay Rate: 1

Floor Type: Grass
Decay Rate: 1

Floor Type: Grass Hill
Decay Rate: 1

Converting / Processing / Healing

Can Be Inputted Into: Kick Plant Seedling
Can Be Inputted Into: Algae Vat


Cannot Be Picked Up
Can Be Walked On
Not A Trap
Cannot Be Docked At
Cannot Have Rules
Not Stairs
Not Hole
Not Wall
NOT Ship Wall
Cannot Have Inventory
Cannot Be Repaired
Doesn't need engines
Max Storage: 0
Max Energy Storage:
Linked Object Type ID: 0
Complexity: 1 (Used for manufacturing, surgery, food processing, etc)


Not Plantable


Cannot Be Equipped No Race ID: Not A body

Has Been Found On Planet Types:

Can Be Eaten By