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Top Players By Planets Owned

Galactic Emperor infected48 owns 4 planets

System King Ed Norton owns 3 planets

Planetary King Gabriel owns 1 planets

Cadian owns 1 planets

Cadian is an admin - and only owns Azure planets to create a safe place for new players

Planetary King Alex Buttersworth owns 1 planets

Planetary King Okapi owns 1 planets

There are still 1 unclaimed planets

Top Players By Space Stations Owned

Hexus owns 3 space stations

infected48 owns 1 space stations

Ed Norton owns 1 space stations

Lavaka owns 1 space stations

There are still 1 unclaimed planets

We're still in the early stages of building Space Abyss. Currently our community is rather small, but this makes it the best time to grow real connections with the other players.

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