Space Abyss Features

Free To Play | Browser Based | Indie MMO
Sci Fi Sandbox

Explore The Galaxy

  • Find New Planets To Explore
  • Mineable Asteroids And Comets
  • Salvagable Wreckage

Explore And Conquer Planets

Each type of planet has unique monsters to fight, and items to find. You can even take over entire planets, and run them how you think a planet should be ran! Create a utopia for everyone, bleed the planet dry of resources, it's up to you.

Build Better Ships

    Larger ships give you more space. Dock unused ships at planets or space stations!

Switch Bodies

Freely transfer your conciousness to any body you have built. Machine bodies, an octopus body, and more! Use the best body type for the planet you're on.

Walk Around Your Ship

Do research, manufacturing, farming, and much more on your ship!

Play Space Abyss

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