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What is Space Abyss?

Space Abyss is a dream of mine. It's the result of something I've always wanted to do - create a sci fi universe. Space Abyss is a 2D, pixel art, top down sci fi mmorpg. It's persistent, and it allows a massive amount of player freedom. Take over a planet and have an AI enforce your rules, making the planet a place of safety for all, a kingdom for yourself alone, or something inbetween. Build Space Stations, switch out bodies, build an advanced network of portals to hop from planet to planet - and much more!

What's the current state of Space Abyss?

Space Abyss is currently in an alpha state - and it'll probably be in an alpha state for quite a while. There is no goal to finish the game by a certain date. The goal is to build, and give the universe more and more life. Space Abyss is definitely something that you can play, just be aware that it's developed by a single person, and I can only do so much in any given day/week/month.

What things will be reset once Alpha ends?

There are no plans for a hard reset. Rather, we are doing a more organic gradual updating of the Space Abyss universe. If we are planning on re-generating or moving a planet, we will place an Annihilation Injector near the spaceport of the planet. If the Annihilation Injector isn't destroyed by players in a week, we will regenerate/move the planet according to our plans. If you're using that planet as a home base, just destroy the beacon and know that it's a candidate for an update.

There will be balance issues. Values for things will change, probably drastically. We don't have plans on taking things away from players unless we consider those things to be gained via an exploit. During the Alpha we expect players to be interested in helping build the world, not abuse our fledgling universe. If you encounter something that seems like an exploit, just let us know!

Why should I invest my time in Space Abyss?

Space Abyss will be around in 5, 10 years, and a probably a lot longer than that. I'd love for it to be a financial success, but the criteria for keeping Space Abyss alive is that it remains something I believe in - part of the dream I talked about. I don't foresee a scenario where Space Abyss loses that value to me. Space Abyss is a world that will stick around and grow; and I'd love for people to be part of that.

What will my Alpha experience be like?

For time time being, expect sudden disconnects when changes are pushed. It probably won't take you long to encounter your first bug. We currently are focusing more on building the game than marketting the game, so player counts will be extremely low.

Will There Be Things like 2x Experience Days?

I actually don't like how events of that nature interact with game worlds. I like events that are actually part of the game/lore. In Space Abyss, planets will be attacked by bugs/aliens. Things of that nature.

I'd like to help out, what do you need?

  • Marketting help. If you have experience marketting an indie game, we would love to hear from you! Even just sharing Space Abyss on social media or with friends is great!
  • Pixel Artists. I'm honestly pretty bad at it. I am currently hiring a few artists in batches. View The Artists. If pixel art is something you can help out with, let me know!
  • Support Space Abyss via Patreon:
  • We welcome ideas for additional content, additional systems, additional lore, etc.

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