The Space Abyss Tutorial


Death is part of Space Abyss. It will be normal to go down a hole and die, or attack something that is surpisingly strong

What Happens When You Die?

  • A 'dead body' (it's just a bag) will be placed on your current tile
  • Your equipment and inventory will be put in that bag
  • You will be warped back to your ship with a new body
  • There is NO experience or levels lost when you die
  • Your dead body bag will not decay. It will be there with your stuff until you, or someone else, grabs the goods.

It it recommended that if you are exploring a new place, use a secondary body that you won't be as upset if it gets killed. You can then guage whether to use your strongest body to try and recover what you lost depending on if you instantly died, or you had a chance. You can build extra bodies in a Cloning Vat

Next up: Repairing!

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