The Space Abyss Tutorial

Gameplay Introduction

You start out Space Abyss in your default ship - a pod. Your pod is a safe place. Your pod can't be attacked by other players.

If you want to go out of your pod, you'll need to land on a planet or a space station. Azure planets are the only default planet type where you are safe from other players. If you are attacked there, the planetary AI will retaliate. If you click on a planet, you can see more info about it. The system that makes Azure planets safe is part of the game world, and can potentially be broken. Left click on a planet to see details. A safe planet will have an AI present, with a rule to 'Protect All Players'. The player Cadian is an admin player, and part of the lore of Space Abyss.

Whenever you land on on a planet, you will initially be placed on Spaceport tiles. These tiles are safe. You can't attack, or be attacked on them, even by monsters.

Your first goal should be to create a manufacturer. This requires 20 territe and 2 Nano Bonders. You can find the territe from mining asteroids in the galaxy. Nano Bonders will drop from monsters. The easiest is the Nano Virus on Azure worlds. They spawn on levels 0 to -3. Remember on Azure planets you are safe from other players, but monsters will still damage you. Other planet types will depend on if anyone owns them. More on that later. Planets are more dangerous the deeper you go. Even Azure planets are dangerous if you go deep enough.

Once you have enough materials for a manufacturer, a safe place to build it is on your Pod. Head to the galaxy view, and then click 'Ship View'. You can now drop the manufacturer onto a ship coord by right clicking on an open ship coord

You'll be able to build a lot of different things in the manufacturer. The first you should make is a Forge. A forge costs 40 Territe and 4 Nano Bonders. In the Forge you will be able to make weapons and armor.

It takes time for things to be manufactured. The manufacturer will start an animation, and a blue bar will show above it to indicate the progress. Once the manufacturer is done, it will stop animating, and you can take the forge from it by right clicking on the manufacturer and clicking to take the forge

The easiest way to increase your attack is to make a knife or two in the forge. Knives require 10 Territe each. You can currently equip one per hand. In the future you'll be able to equip more per hand if you have an auto doc surgically implant them.

Another main tool you can create is a Research Station. Research Stations require 10 Territe and 10 Circuits (Can be found on machine worlds) Researching some objects will unlock new things that can be done with them. One of the more basic things you can research is Territe. It's a good idea to get some research started while you try to get some armor.

The most basic armor type is Chitin. You get chitin from killing bugs or Voon. The two easiest sources of this are crystal spiders, found on mountain worlds, and Scrapslogs, found on Desert planets. Once you have a decent amount of Chitin you will be able to build some armor at your Forge.

Building things in a manufacturer uses your manufacturing level. You get manufacturing skill points. every time you try to manufacture something. More advanced things have a higher complexity, which will mean their manufacturing fails sometimes. The more you manufacture things, the higher your skill will get. The forge, the research station, and the chitin armor have all had a complexity of one so they don't fail. More advanced things will sometimes fail.

You'll see complexity influences failure chances for a variety of things. Manufacturing, researching, surgery, and more.

If you have questions, comments, or issues, please post them to Space Domination On Community Abyss

This tutorial will now leave you with some goals. Some good initial goals are to:

  • Complete the research for Territe and see what discoveries you find
  • Build an auto doc and try using it to equip more than you can by default. Read up on the auto doc mechanic on the 'Mechanics' page to not get a nasty surprise if the auto doc fails.
    • An auto doc requires 10 Syntite and 10 Batteries
  • Build a cloning vat
    • A Cloning Vat requires 5 Syntite, and 10 Life Waters (Found on Biogrove planets)
  • Switch to a machine (MLM) body, or a stronger human body
        A machine (MLM) body requires 50 Circuits and 20 Batteries
    • Build a ship larger than your pod ( but be careful, other ships will be able to attack it)
      • A shipyard requires 5 Syntite, and can only be placed on the galaxy view
      • The most basic ship is a shuttle, and requires 10 Syntite. It will be vulnerable to attack so you'll eventually want to build a shield, some energy storage, and put some batteries into it if you plan to store a lot in it. You can also build offensive weapons like lasers that use energy
    • Build an AI and claim a planet for yourself!
      • A basic AI requires 10 AI Fragments, and 10 Batteries, but can be made strong with AI Cores and AI Batteries