The Space Abyss Tutorial

Gameplay Mechanics

Equipping Objects To Your Body

Some items you can equip just by putting them on, or grabbing them. Things like these would be a knife in a hand or a helmet on your head. There is no failure chance for these. Some items will require an auto doc to equip, and the auto doc will open up a lot more options for where you can equip things as well as how much equipment a single spot can take.

Think of the auto doc as surgery. A failed attempt to equip something via an Auto Doc is a failed surgery, and will destroy the body, and the other equipped items

Items have a complexity. The complexity of the item is compared to your surgery level. There's a bit of chance involved in whether you succeed or fail if the item complexity is just outside of your surgery level. With every surgically equipped item, and even with the failures, you will increase your surgery skill, and equipping more complex things in the future will be easier.

Eating And Addiction

You can eat/consume various things in your inventory. If you have a human body, these things will generally be normal food items like meat, algae, etc. If you have a machine body, it will be things like circuits and other mechanical things. Some things you can consume will be a little different. Life Water, AI Dust, etc.

Eating things with very basic effects, like Mushrooms or Algae is generally always safe. Things with better effects, like AI Dust and Life Water may have an addiction chance. If you become addicted to a consumable, you will have negative effects whenever you aren't consuming that item. Addictions tick like food, and you will see them displayed where your food ticks are. Generally, addictions last longer than the food item normally does.

So what do I do when I'm addicted to something? You have a few options:

  • You can just eat something else to keep your HP up, and let the addiction go away
  • You can continue eating/consuming that item to keep the addiction at bay - but be warned that addictions scale/level up. Eventually the negative effects of the addiction will increase.
  • You can also place all your items and equipment into a crate (made in a manufacturer) and let your body die. For a new player with a basic body, there is no downside to dying other than losing your stuff. As you get familiar with Space Abyss, you will get more familiar with the idea of using bodies as a tool.